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Empowering teachers and students with a road map to AP success. Expert AP educators have embedded their best strategies into AP Insight, a set of research-based tools targeting concepts and skills critical to college success. By identifying common stumbling blocks, AP Insight provides a road map to building course mastery and increases your impact on all students as you prepare, teach, assess, and acts. 

Now Supporting 5 AP Courses

Schools, districts, and states across the country are using AP Insight to help students build conceptual understanding and apply critical skills. AP Insight now supports the following AP courses, prioritized based on data and feedback from educators on the areas students need more help to achieve success:

          AP Insight: Biology

          AP Insight: Calculus

          AP Insight: Chemistry

          AP Insight: U.S. History

          AP Insight: World History

Focus on Challenge Areas

Use AP Insight with your own curriculum to focus and anticipate student struggles while making critical connections throughout the course. With instructional activities to build students' understanding and targeted feedback to move your whole class forward, AP Insight will help to make the most of your instructional time and empower student success.

Instructional Feedback Early and Often

Formative assessments provide items that mirror questions on the AP Exam and inform instruction with immediate, action-oriented feedback. Progress tools and performance tasks make it easy to pinpoint areas of success and areas where more work is needed, with targeted next steps and resources to move each student and the whole class forward.

Year-Round Support in Teacher Communities

AP Insight gives you the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a collaboration space for new and experienced teachers. With this virtual community available 24/7, you have access to support whenever you need it. You can also watch videos of real classrooms showing practical applications of strategies and access self-paced learning for help unpacking critical concepts and skills.

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AP Insight was shaped with expert guidance during a successful pilot.

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