About AP Insight

AP educators leveraged years of teaching experience, data, and student work to identify key challenge areas – the concepts and skills most foundational to success in college and AP courses. Teachers use AP Insight to create a road map in their own syllabus, target challenge areas, and help students connect building blocks.     

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A Road Map to AP Success

Strategically focus your classroom

Use AP Insight with your own curriculum to focus and anticipate student struggles while making critical connections throughout the course. With instructional activities to build students' understanding and targeted feedback to move your whole class forward, AP Insight will help to make the most of your instructional time and empower student success. 

We tested AP Insight in urban, suburban, and rural school districts with large populations of traditionally underrepresented students to ensure that it meets varying classroom needs. Whether you share a single computer in your school or have a tablet for every student, AP Insight gives you the tools needed to help your students achieve more.

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With AP Insight, you have access to progress tools and performance tasks to engage your students, build and check for understanding, and adapt on the spot to keep your class motivated. AP formative assessments provide deep insight into every student's needs and help to increase conceptual understanding. Quizzes include each question type that will be on the AP Exam and allow students to gauge their own progress throughout the course. Student feedback reports identify misunderstandings and provide targeted next steps and resources to close learning gaps.

Share best practices

AP Insight gives you the opportunity to connect with colleagues year-round in a collaboration space for new and experienced teachers where you can share tips on the best tactics for improving student achievement. With this virtual community of expert teachers and peers available 24/7, you have access to support whenever you need it. You can also watch videos of real classrooms showing practical applications of strategies and access self-paced learning for help unpacking critical concepts and skills.


Year-Round Support for Teachers and Students

AP teachers and higher education faculty developed classroom-tested tools and resources to help you focus, gain insight, and increase impact on students as you prepare, teach, assess, and act on the challenge areas in AP.


Awards and Recognition

Grantsinvesting in innovation (i3) and Department of Education United States of America logos

  • Awarded a U.S. Department of Education Investing in Innovation grant for innovative feedback model and formal evaluation.
  • Gates Foundation provided matching funds for the i3 feedback model and formal evaluation.
  • Awarded Toyota grant to support AP STEM Innovation.

ReplicationNew York City Department of Education Logo Dennis M. Walcott, Chancellor

  • The New York City Department of Education was also awarded an i3 grant to apply the AP Insight challenge area methodology to middle school STEM courses.

AP Annual Conference

AP Insight is an essential

next resource for improving AP performance at my school

79% AP Town Hall Audience
  • Voted highest priority for AP development at the AP Annual Conference in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.