About the Pilot

AP Insight was built with expert guidance and through extensive testing during an in-depth pilot with three districts to ensure the program fit flexibly and effectively within the reality of the classroom. The AP teachers who participated in the pilot helped shape the program to allow you to invest your classroom time where it matters the most.

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AP Insight Advisory Council

I love the technology

based planning, teaching and assessment of the program. It will give the students real-time instant feedback on the areas they need to improve on, which will help them with their long term goals of mastering the AP Biology material.

AP Insight Teacher
AP Insight has allowed my
students to make better
connections and have a better
understanding of the essential
knowledge of the course.
AP Insight Teacher

The AP Advisory Council was composed of AP Biology teachers from Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Florida; Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas; and the North East Florida Consortium. These districts represent urban, suburban, and rural environments. We tested AP Insight in schools with large populations of traditionally underrepresented students to ensure the program meets varying classroom needs. Whether you share a single computer in your school or have a tablet for every student, AP Insight gives you the tools needed to help your students achieve more.

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A total of forty-two AP Biology teachers representing approximately 1,770 students participated in the pilot and used AP Insight to prepare, teach, assess, and act each challenge area.

The teachers' access to AP Insight included approximately 100 instructional and professional learning resources, twenty formative assessments with immediate and actionable feedback based on the results, and an online forum to foster a virtual professional network where new and experienced AP teachers could learn from each other's challenges and successes with the program.

Proven Classroom Value

Confirming the AP Insight approach

AP Insight is spot on.

The activities they give us, they're definitely where the kids are and they help the kids go from point A to point B to point C.

AP Insight Teacher

Overall, the teachers in the pilot voiced strong agreement that the enhanced AP Insight will provide strategies that improve teaching and learning:

91% of participating AP Biology teachers agreed that students demonstrating progress within challenge areas would be better prepared for the AP exam.

85% of participating AP Biology teachers agreed that AP Insight improved their understanding of the challenge areas.

How AP Insight was improved

As a first year teacher,

I feel like this is focusing me to make that big picture - and reinforce connections...

AP Insight Teacher

Through the participating teachers' guidance, The College Board was able to refine the design of AP Insight's formative assessments to provide more valuable feedback on students' progress toward mastery and more actionable next steps to tailor instruction and feedback reports that teachers can hand directly to their students. Based on input from the pilot teachers, the program was streamlined for ease of use and the flexibility was enhanced to ensure that the challenge areas can fit into any scope and sequence.